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That "FREAK OUT" moment!

When I began my face paint journey, I couldn't peel myself from the paints. I was painting myself so many times in one day that my skin stayed dry and irritated, but even that wouldn't stop me. I remember placing business cards in every hand I could find, being way over my head trying to build a website and then discovering what SEO meant. After months of trying to get a job and about the time I began to question myself, the phone range. "Hi, I would like to know your rates for birthday parties?". And that is when the "freak out" began. I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't know what to say. On a whym, I blurted out $65 an hour. She replied saying "Great! How do I book?". And I again had an internal freak out. I hadn't thought of how to actually book a party. I ended up taking her name, number, date of the event, and location. I told her she could pay at the completion of the event. The week leading up to the party was a nightmare. I had sleepless nights with my mind constantly contemplating each way the party could go wrong. I drove to the event with a positive outlook, but still very nervous. By the time I picked up my brush, my nerves were going crazy. I thought I would throw up. I spent an hour and fifteen minutes painting 7 children. I walked out of the event with $65 and a feeling of accomplishment. For several months after that, I remained nervous before and during each job. Somewhere between the six month and one year mark, I noticed that I wasn't nervouse anymore. I had gained some confidence. I would still get rattled when new issues arrose, but for the most part, I could go do what I love, have fun, and get paid for it.

Every person I know who face paints faced the same question, "When am I ready?". The answer is, you're never going to be ready. You will never learn in your practice at home, what you learn on the job. You have to face the "freak out". Throw yourself into it and know that it will be hard. But more importantly, know WHY you're facing it. You're facing it because your experience in the field is what is going to build your confidence and give you the push to make your dreams come true. The dream never happens in the confines of our homes. We have to take the leap, face the "freak out" and grow as artists and business women.

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